There are four ways that you can help us in our mission to spread the faith.


1. Talk to your pastor.

Get in touch with the pastor of your church and inform them about the Come to Mass project. By implementing the organization within your community, we will be one step closer to spreading and rekindling faith across the country. 

If you plan to contact your local pastor using email, we've got you covered. 

2. Share your story.

Don't hesitate to share your story with us about your experiences with mass and faith and how they have affected your life. We can then pass on these inspirational tales to readers around the world through our blog and continue to spread the faith by your example. 

We especially encourage you to share success stories of the Come to Mass project within your community. These experiences can then be added to our testimonials section, which will in turn encourage further communities to welcome us. 

3. Read Come to Mass.

The Come to Mass book will be available in both audiobook and ebook formats. Written by team members Marcellino and Mosongo, the book will provide guidance on implementing the values of the Come to Mass project within your church, community, and every day life. 

4. Spread the word.

In the 21st century, there is no better way to spread the word about something than through the internet. Below, links to all of the Come to Mass social media pages are provided. Tell your friends, family, and acquaintances about the project through social media by liking and following our pages and sharing them through your accounts. Think of the hundreds of lives that we may touch around the world with an online presence that we would certainly never reach without one and without your help.